Sunday, July 31, 2011

So, there was this wedding back in March…

…where, like, my brother and his new wife Kris got married.  And somehow I never got around to posting anything about it until now.  So please, sit back and enjoy…

Church in Glenview, Illinois.  Reminded my husband and I a bit of the church where we got married.



Slippery staircase outside caused the bride to fall just before she had to walk down the aisle.  Bet you couldn’t tell her pain from the first two photos.


Ella and Miles in the wedding.


Wedding party support crew minus my husband who is taking the photo.

From left to right: Abra (Kris the bride’s sister-in-law), Matt (Kris’ brother), Pam (Kris and John’s friend and matchmaker) and me, the sister of the groom.  Photographer (also in the wedding party) is Jason (brother-in-law of the groom).




A group shot of the Whiteaker side of the family.  At least those who had not gone home yet the day after the wedding.


The wedding was beautiful and meaningful to so many of us.  Our entire little family of 4 was honored, privileged and tickled to death to all be a part of this wonderful occasion.

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