Thursday, August 5, 2010

What Is It?

I really love how this turned out!  My friend Becky, who I met as a vendor next to me at the Farmer’s Market asked if I could make something for her.  I decided to try it out.  You can find these at stores, namely stores online.  But they are all black.  She wanted some color.


Any clue yet?  I bet these will give it away!


Is it what you thought?


I am really quite pleased with it.  I used Craft Fuse (a stiff interfacing) for the fabric and lined it all with navy duck cloth, so it should be super durable and not floppy.  There is durable webbing to hook it over the headrest and around the seat which fastens with two D-rings.  Navy trim was used to finish all of the raw edges.

It has a generous open pocket on the bottom for books, with mesh pockets on the sides for pencils and such.  An additional mesh pocket was added in the middle for other items and two side by side roomy pockets with Velcro flaps are up on top.  Next up is a more pink version for her daughter!


  1. Kristi!! I love it!!!! You should put some on your etsy shop - I would TOTALLY buy one!!!!!

  2. This is karma...I was just thinking (after cleaning out my car - AGAIN) how I really need one of these, but don't like the boring black ones like in my husband's car...then you come along with this! Yay! Great job, where are you at the Farmer's Market? We were there yesterday...but it was so muggy we didn't stay long.

  3. Your bag is great! I love that you have made it a fun print for children.

  4. Can I buy a copy of your pattern?

  5. I love your car organizer and would love to make your pattern available to buy?


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