Monday, February 15, 2010

Lovely Day

This year, after we took the Christmas decorations down, I had the urge to decorate a bit for Valentines Day. And so, we were all set for Feb. 14th! I bought this LOVE banner at a local store for 50% off, as well as two of glass heart ornaments to match the one I got last year as a gift.


And now that it is Feb. 15th, I guess it’s time to take it down… Now what? I’m not putting up St. Patty’s Day decor! Too early for Easter stuff…

Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Remaking of an Ottoman

I had all of the fabric pieces ready, so I finished up the ottoman on Monday. The staple gun was my best friend. That and some upholstery strips and tack strips.

Adding the corners:


Now the sides:


Covering the cushion/top:


Done. I have finally gotten over the fact that it’s not perfect and am really enjoying the newly covered set in our family room.


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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A “New” Chair

Meet our “new” chair.


We have a chair that has not done well with our cats. The fabric that is on it is woven and a magnet for scratching cats. So instead of get a new chair, I decided to make a slipcover for it. It worked out well. But the cats got to that one too. So a few years later we reach the dilemma again. Do we get a new chair?



As you may have guessed, the answer was finally “No.” We have a couch made from a chenille fabric and the cats don’t bother it. So I went out to our local Loomcraft home dec fabric warehouse and searched for some chenille. I found the perfect fabric and it was even on sale for 70% off!



At first I was upset I had cut up the pattern pieces I had made from muslin for other various project. But I think in the long run, my couple of years of sewing experience since my first slipcover led me to make a better fitting cover with new pattern pieces..

20100120 20100120-2

The entire process was so much easier and quicker than the first time I tried to do this. Back them I remember how I felt this was one of the hardest projects I ever did.


Which makes me feel good that I have made some progress in my sewing skills and techniques.


Even my husband says this one looks better.


Hope you you enjoyed that little tour through a few steps along the way to the completed project!

Next up is to reupholster the matching ottoman…


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Check out all of the other talented slipcoverers there!

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