Tuesday, March 30, 2010

It’s beginning to look a lot like Easter

It is week number two of our kids Spring Break.  One of the things they wanted to do this week was to see the Easter Bunny.  And so we did.  And got a photo…


Notice the plethora of band-aids on Miles’ face.  He had a little fall on Sunday night.  I’m just glad this was taken before the ketchup accident that Ella had at lunch… 

On this trip the kids were also outfitted for Easter Sunday.  I can’t wait for egg hunts, church, the cute clothes and a family meal!

I have been doing lots of Spring cleaning, organizing, exercising and working on a couple projects.  Can’t wait to share!

Thursday, March 25, 2010


They have popped up twice for me while perusing Etsy and blogs today.  First is this super sweet vase from Red Hot Pottery.


Next up is this quilt from the LIttle Birdie Secrets blog…  to DIE for!


If you like this, you should do a little more looking around over there.  Lots of great ideas and plenty of cuteness to take in!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Child’s Play

It seems that Spring has made an early debut this year in the Far North Chicago Suburbs. But judging by next week’s forecast, perhaps it is just a teaser! In any case, we got OUTSIDE this week!

Look, the sun even made an appearance necessitating sunglasses!


Guess what else has come out??!! The first!


It’s enough to make you want to dance.


And…oh yes we did! (or THEY did – not me).

20100316-320100316-4 20100316-5

A “tea party” play date…

20100317 20100317-2

…ended up with a lot of outside play. Resulting in this beautiful collaborative St. Patrick’s Day sidewalk artwork.


Sunday, March 14, 2010

Something Fishy: A Bathroom Redo

Welcome to the kids' bathroom!


I don’t know why I felt the need to redo this bathroom…


What’s not to like? Fish wallpaper, check, gold-tone light strip, check.


Lopsided white fabric for window treatment (left by previous owners). Cheap and bent towel racks. Check and check.


More fish on the shower curtain (again previous owners)? Yes please.
Well I did it anyway, stripped the wallpaper, spackled, sanded, primed, painted, installed…
I chose a blue/gray wall color (Santorini Blue by Benjamin Moore). The final color from my top three favs was chosen unanimously by Ella and Miles. Good job guys, I adore this color!


I actually found the shower curtain a while ago at Bed Bath and Beyond and have had it up for several months/a year? It was kind of the inspiration for the wall color.


Light fixture was from LightingShowplace.com. Um, this was a PAIN to install. It did not fit into our light box in the wall. So I spent nearly an entire day which included several runs to Home Depot and Ace to figure out a workaround.


New towel racks from TJMaxx/Homegoods:


Other Nautical-ish details…

How to hang a starfish (my version):
And a future addition that I just purchased from Etsy is the green and white buoy on the right from Beach Grass Cottage:

For the most part, I did this all myself. And I’m pretty pleased with how it is turning out.
2 Days Later…
Wow, that got here fast!!!


And I bought a set of “sand” colored towels.




Ahhhhh... Much Better!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Morning Snuggles

There’s nothing like a sleepy child crawling into a sleepy mommy’s bed for some early morning snuggling!


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