Sunday, February 13, 2011


So I am reading a book that seems to be validating our already “unconventional” (old fashioned) parenting philosophy.  Not only am I feeling validated, I am also finding new ideas as well as other aspects of our type of parenting to consider.  I will post the book name once I am completely done reading it!  Though the title to this post gives a clue.

Last week, as often is the case, I said “no” to TV.  I turned on some Thelonius Monk and the kids spent there time on much more productive activities than zoning out.

I believe our parenting style has encouraged both kids to read often for pleasure and learning.  Ella is our big book worm, next to me.  Miles is quickly progressing in his reading ability too and I catch him reading to himself often in his room. 

On this quiet Friday afternoon after school Ella devours her school library book.


Though, I will say, both kids have their fair share of “non-imagination sparking” toys (which, by the way, they rarely play with), they also have quite a few that will help their minds’ grow.  I bought this set of simple blocks for Miles a few years ago and he still loves to take them out and play.  The whole time he makes up little stories to go along with what he is doing.


This was after we made some cookie dough together.


Next I catch Ella reading about dinosaurs…


Pretty soon she will be off to dance class. 

No TV that evening at all…

Chicago Blizzard of ‘11

During the last week of January we were hit with what was supposedly the 3rd biggest blizzard in Chicago’s recorded history.

Here is what Jason found when he opened the garage door.


And the kids, they had a blast.



Personally, I stayed in all day and organized kitchen cabinets.  The kids had 2 snow days off from school.  It was nature’s way of telling us to slow down a bit!

Pre-Wedding Celebrations

My brother John and his fiancĂ© Kris are getting married in just a few short weeks!  To gear up for the big event, the bridesmaids Pam, Abra and myself threw Kris a bridal shower!


Mother of the bride: Laura.


Kris chatting with some Aunts.


Pam’s “Bistro Style” concept.


Good quality cake is an important family tradition.


Kris is well loved and it was therefore a very big shower.  Thus, the gift unwrapping was a major event!


Kris and Ella have grown very fond of each other.  Kris really wanted Ella at her shower and though she was a bit under the weather from her surgery, Ella was determined to be there.  She was a real sport and many of the adults commented on how well behaved of a little girl she is.  I am thrilled to have Kris as Ella’s aunt.  Though it is not yet official, she has really already deserved the title!


John came near the end and pitched in too.



Bella, the beloved “flower” dog even showed up!


And Ella was thrilled.


Miles came later to help load up the car and got a wonderful surprise!  Silly shoes to wear at the reception.



Next up, a group of girls took Kris out for a laid back girls night out.  Here is the group, minus me at Nirvana restaurant.


The beautiful bride-to-be with a good friend.


Then we all went back to Pam’s for ice cream, cupcakes and…


gift giving…



In December I brought Ella into the ENT to see if there was an obvious cause of her snoring, snorting, difficulty breathing and perhaps her sleep walking.  The doctor looked in her throat and said in amazement, “Those tonsils are GINORMOUS!”.  So out they were to go, along with her adenoids (if they too looked big, which indeed was the case).  It was a quick-ish out-patient procedure and she did quite well with the initial post-surgical recovery.  She did take a week off of school and took the full two weeks to make a significant recovery.

Pre-surgery and post sedative.


Post surgery with her new unicorn pillow pet and purple popsicle.


Post Holiday Fun

At the end of December, our family of four visited the Museum of Science and Industry.  There is really no way to see the whole museum in one day, so we will have to go back a time or two this year.  The only downside is that the traffic into and/our out of the city of Chicago is horrendous. 





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