Monday, December 6, 2010

Get Ready

This weekend was quite full of tasks around the house.  Much of it was preparation for many things.

First, we have carpet installers coming today, so we had to remove breakables as well as small things scattered on the floor in all the bedrooms.  Now that so much is out of the kids rooms, I feel I can breathe better.  All those boxes of their stuff in the dining room and living room… I’m not sure I want to put it back after the carpet is in.  I just feel like we have too much STUFF!  And it feels a bit suffocating.

Jason also painted our bedroom ceiling.  We had some drywall repaired and it need to be painted.  We figured why not now, while it doesn’t matter if drips get on the carpet!  I will be SO glad to replace that carpet.  It is mauve (PINK!).  It has been that way since we moved in 7 1/2 year ago.  I can’t want to get replace it with a neutral.

Jason also put up out outdoor Christmas lights and we went out and bought our Christmas tree.  On Sunday evening we decorated it.  I had been hoping to wait on the tree, but well, now it is done!  This is the fullest tree we’ve ever had and takes up quite a bit of the family room.


We are also getting carpet ripped out of half of our basement.  See, we had a little problem with our dear little Paris Kitty.  She had some medical (and I think emotional) problems for a while and did a number on that side…  With that, another project presents itself.  We will be installing vinyl “wood” on that entire side of the floor and then putting up quarter round around the trim.

Finally, I spent a few hours studying for my final exam which is this week.  In reality, I don’t have to take this test.  Our professor said that he will only count our top 3 tests and I did rather well on those.  But I am taking this class to learn and I don’t want to just flake out on the last three chapters.  They were the most interesting anyway.

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