Friday, May 25, 2012

Thursday Night

Thursday morning I visited my sister-in-law’s sister-in-law.  Confused yet?

My sister-in-law’s family has become real family to us.  We feel so much comfort and acceptance around them.  They love us and we love them.  I would have never expected to feel so close to family so far removed, but it works.  Why not hang on to a good thing?

My sister-in-law’s (brother’s wife) brother and his wife had twin boys just over a month ago.  Knowing how difficult the adjustment can be with just one baby, I wanted to do what I could to help while I had some time off from school.  I have thoroughly enjoyed visiting, talking and spending time together.  I have also enjoyed spending time and helping with the boys and seeing them grow and change over the past 3 weeks.

But on the drive home, I didn’t feel so wonderful.  And I just felt worse throughout the day.

You see, about a week after my trip to the ER for passing a kidney stone, I was back in immediate care for some severe vertigo.  The doctor said I had a double ear infection.  But at my follow up a week later, my regular doctor said she suspected my Eustachian tubes were both blocked through some swelling. She said anytime my sinuses are congested, I would get vertigo.  I don’t have many allergies, but it seems I am allergic to something in the sub-tropical greenhouse at the Chicago Botanic Garden which I experienced when we went there for Mother’s Day.  And yesterday. Not a full out vertigo attack, but definitely something (maybe from some of the dust from the drilling I did to hang new curtain rods).  I also feel water moving in my ears from time to time and a strange pulsating sound/feeling.  It looks like a trip to the ENT is in order soon.

Mothers Day-25

In the afternoon, I walked to school to pick up the kids thinking some exercise and fresh air would do me some good.  I brought each child a small gift I had purchased earlier that day.  I have to say that just about everyday when I pick up my kids from school it is like a great reunion.  I am so so happy to see them and there are hugs and kisses, handholding and lots of stories about their day.  Call me a sap, but I tend to make a big deal out of the small things with my children.  I love them so and miss them during the day while they are at school. 

Unfortunately, it was hot hot hot outside and I was not feeling so great by the time we got home.  I tried to rest in bed as best I could with two kids.

I bribed them to clean their rooms with “prizes”.  How could I resist those cute toys near the checkout at Hobby Lobby?  After much resistance, both rooms were cleaned. 

I took them to their gymnastics classes.  I watched for a while and then worked on my crotchet project to help the time pass.  I could not wait to get back home.  I always feel better being at home when I’m tired or not feeling well.

I was going to grab some dinner for the kids at “gasp” a fast food restaurant to make things easier on me, but they both wanted mac and cheese.  So my buddy Miles was my sous-chef at home.  Ella took a shower and didn’t get all the soap out of her hair, so I rinsed it out at the kitchen sink and Miles cooked.  She danced around the kitchen while Miles focused on his mac and cheese duties. 

Every day with my children is a gift.  I rejoice and celebrate even the mundane everyday things.  To me, they are not mundane.  I prefer to live in the moment.  Because for the most part, things are really good.  How do I know that will last forever?  Well, one way or another, it won’t.  If I learn to find joy in small things now, I hope it will always be easy to do so in the future.

I leave you with a small segment of our evening in pictures…


Mothers Day-35Mothers Day-36Mothers Day-33Mothers Day-32Mothers Day-30Mothers Day-29Mothers Day-28

Mothers Day-27Mothers Day-31

Do you celebrate the everyday?  Do you live in the moment?

Enjoy your day and savor the small things.  Find beauty where you’d least expect it.

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