Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Master Bedroom Evolution

Our master bedroom has been a true work in progress.  It may not be the style of the day, but it has evolved into something we like.  The latest addition is this scrumptious pintuck duvet cover from West Elm.  I love all the sculptured bedding I’ve been seeing lately.  My inspiration was from several of these at Anthropologie.  They were just a little out of the price range!
20120617-bedrpp, 015-2
Here is what our bedroom has evolved to to date.  I was ready to lighten it up with natural creams and light french blues.  We also acquired some new case furniture for this room last year.  We had known we wanted some, but weren’t really actively looking.  We just happened onto this set one day while browsing and we knew it was it.  The price was also reasonable!
20120617-bedrpp, 008
“Where did we come from?” you might ask.  Here is a peak into the past lives of our Master:


Shortly after we moved in…
Our first generation of décor.  Creamy green walls and gold touches with greens and pinks.
A new bed, fan and other various décor.
Starting to add creams and blues.

Back to Today!

I wanted to order some custom made vertical stripe panels from an Etsy shop, but the person I was working with was a little slow for me, though very kind.  Or I was too impatient.  So I went off to our local Loomcraft and found this swirly fabric I loved.  And I went to town making these panels myself.
20120617-bedrpp, 019
You can see the addition of some other blues through lamps and accessories.
20120617-bedrpp, 010
Oh, and here’s that yummy duvet cover again! 
Psssst.  I’ve never been a huge fan of that painting.  I would really like to get a sign like this to put over the bed, but I can’t seem to convince the hubby.  What do you think?
20120617-bedrpp, 012-2
I think this cover looks so romantic without being too girly.
20120617-bedrpp, 016
20120617-bedrpp, 007-2
I have only one wall which I haven’t shown.  It is still on my to do list to rearrange the numerous pictures of our kids on that wall.  For now it is a bit of a disaster.  If When I get that done, I’ll be sure to add a photo to the blog!
Thank-you for stopping by to visit our happy Master Bedroom evolution!
Do you have any rooms that have evolved over time?  How have they changed and why?


  1. i LOVE your comforter. sooo cozy! found you via the wiegands and am excited to follow along xo

  2. Your bedroom looks great. I love your drapes.


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