Thursday, April 8, 2010

New Lines

I think a resurgence of energy and interest in my Etsy shop Kitchen Stitchen has been due to a mixture of some “out of the blue” sales and recent news that the local Farmer’s Market will have more attractive and potentially more effective layout this year.

With that, I’ve come up with two new product lines!

When I ask friends what else they’d like to see in my shop, it always comes back to the full apron, preferably retro.  Definitely pretty.  Then there are comments from browsers at shows about my half aprons being cute, but their need/want for a full apron.  Full (pretty) aprons simply are a lot of work and have poor cost/profit ratio.  They require a lot of fabric and a lot of work.  I already feel like I have them priced too high, but with that said, I’m still not paying myself much at all for the labor.  Perhaps they will at least be something to draw more people into the shop or to my table at the Market.

bluedaisy1  bluedaisy5bluedaisy3  

Lots of people at Markets and shows I’ve done have asked if I make baby bibs.  I have made them in the past, but they have seemed again, like a lot of work and in the end, not very practical for the recipient.  So, recently I found some great ideas to put together a really functional baby bib!  Since one of my goals in the shop is to make products that are beautiful AND functional, I was pleased.  With fusible vinyl, I can use great fabric to make wipeable, waterproof bibs!  I simply use binding tape to finish off the edges and create the ties.

 diobib4  lotuspink1

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