Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mantel Relief

Our mantel was looking really boring.  I’d followed some advice from online decorators to make the arrangement of the accessories symmetrical.  But ever since there was no more holiday decor to spruce it up, it was not doing it for me.  So I decided to go asymmetrical and a little abstract.  I looked at it and whatever came first to mind that was missing, I did whatever I could with what I had to make up for it.  And so we had this…


(Yes the painting is supposed to be a little off center.)

(Yes the grate is broken in the fireplace, we have another on order.)

And I was happy.  I had imagined a tall green vase, but the glass was nice, you could see the crabapple tree branches through it.

Then the speaker guy came to help run a wire and I forgot to take that vase down.  And it broke.

But I remembered a sign for a Pottery Sale at the local community college.  I had wanted to go because I love pottery and I assumed the prices would be pretty reasonable.

So I went, and found a couple pieces I did like and they were indeed priced reasonably.  So no we have this…

 20100413 20100413-2 

I think the branches are wilting now.  The second piece of pottery is in another room.

Around here all the blossoms are coming out.  Nothing in our yard yet, but caught this beauty outside of the local Park District building.



  1. It looked great with the glass vase but that green one - fantastic!!! It's amazing the difference one piece of pottery can make! And **bonus** you supported a local artist!!!

  2. well there you are!! :) i have been wondering what had become of you. :) thanks for stopping by! :)

  3. The green vase is simply wonderful. Remind me to have the speaker guy over when I need some new decor! lol


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