Monday, October 25, 2010

This Weekend in Revue

This weekend I have been feeling quite under the weather.  But it is weird.  At times I feel like I can manage participating in life’s activities (although still a little off and dizzy), at other times, I am O.U.T.  I had a fever last night before bed and I swear I had a fever today during the Poms portion of the Pom/Cheer competition that Ella was in today.

But let’s go back to Friday.  Killer headache all day and that feeling that “uh oh, I’m gonna be sick tomorrow.”  I know I should have stayed home for my own good, but an event was planned for Ella’s Daisy Scout Troop and earlier I had promised the leader I’d come.  Plus Miles was coming too (since Jason wasn’t home).  I was functional, so we went.

Daisies Fall Outing

There was some general free time and running around by the pumpkins and animal stables.

20101022- 20101022--2

Group Picture!


A hay ride, which I don’t have a picture of.

S’more making, ghost stories and funny stories by the fire.


And a great full moon.


Saturday morning Ella cheered at a game.  It was raining, I was feeling out of it, so I stayed home.  I did, however, go off to a baby shower.  While I was driving (it is about a 1 hour drive), I felt dizzy and had pains shooting down my arms.  No fun.  Then I made a wrong “turn” at the fork in the highway and tacked on another 30 minutes to my ride.  I had to leave the shower early anyway, so I felt bad that I was barely there.

The Hair Party

Back home, I quickly glue Ella’s fine hair into a high pony tail and headed out to her “Hair Party” where all the cheerleaders and their moms/guardians gathered for pizza and setting the pony tail hair into curlers.  This was a first for me.  But it was kind of fun.

Ella and her good friend Tara goofing around after getting curled!


Curls all safe and sound.


Helping Mary hold her hair.


Sometime during that party I felt horrible.  But I waited until the gifts were passed out and the cupcakes were eaten before insisting we leave.  I went on home to find I had a fever and was feeling even worse.

Next morning I felt ok, still a little off, but not knocked out on my feet sick.  So we went to the cheer competition and Jason graciously agreed to take over the volunteer job one of us was required to do (by volunteer I mean we had to do it).

Cheerleading Competition

Besides a 10 minute episode in which I felt horrible and was burning up, I really was touched by the event.  It is very close to my heart as I used to be a baton twirler and went to many competitions.  I know how special you feel when you get all prettied up and compete.  It’s even better when people are there to watch you and cheer for you.  What made me even more emotional was the new division that they had for physically and mentally impaired kids.  To see the joy in their faces was priceless!!

The only thing I was not to keen on was the multiple-way 1st place ties for the younger girls.  At what point should you start learning that someone else is better than you?  Ella’s team got 1st, tied with another team.  Though she is still so excited and proud, I feel a little weird.  They didn’t really earn that 1st.  I started competing at an early age, I think it is good for kids to learn how to lose (and win).  Losing is often motivation to work harder.  Anyway… I made sure Ella knew where we were in the bleachers before they performed.  I knew that would be important to her.


P.S.  Here is the result of the curlers!  She wanted to keep her hair this way for school today.  I have to admit, it looks very sharp and I might do it like this for future special events.


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