Friday, October 29, 2010

The Week Before Halloween

Health-wise, this week hasn’t be TOO bad…  Miles got sick to his stomach Wednesday night and vomited 3 separate times.  The next day he was fine.  Then I had lots of yucky congestion which has gotten worse.  But so far it hasn’t developed into any infection (that I know of).

This week, as usual, I spent time studying for Statistics.  I really shouldn’t jinx it, but so far this has been a fairly easy class.  I also taught my first classes for the dance recital session (a total of 5 classes)!  Ella had her first ballet/tap class and tonight will have her first jazz/hip hop class.  I volunteered in her school class for the second time.  I also did a lot of cleaning and purging at home.  All the while, a little on edge from the gusting winds whooshing through trees and rattling windows.  Thursday night was Teen Mother Choices at which we had goal planning night.  I am so lucky to be able to spend time with my girl for the 4th year in a row helping her to plan her goals.  I cannot believe how much she has matured and how strong she is now.  I love our relationship and can’t wait to see even more maturity this year.  I am SO proud of her!

This upcoming weekend will be busy, filled with Trick or Treating, Ella cheering at a playoff game and lots more, I’m sure, but I hope to get some rest in there sometime!


Last week/this weekend was quite exciting with two sets of our friends giving birth.  The first was a planned c-section.  They added a beautiful 3rd girl to their already gorgeous family.  Welcome Shelby!  Next up was more of a surprise.  Several weeks before planned, another set of friends had some signs that the baby wanted to get out early.  The hope was to stabilize the pregnancy, but that little dude just wanted to be born!  Gavin seems to be doing remarkably well for his preemie status and for that we are very grateful!

Today I will attend Halloween Parades at both kids’ schools and stay to help our/enjoy Ella’s classes’ party.

The next 2 weekends will involve craft shows.  I feel tired already.

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