Sunday, February 13, 2011

Pre-Wedding Celebrations

My brother John and his fiancé Kris are getting married in just a few short weeks!  To gear up for the big event, the bridesmaids Pam, Abra and myself threw Kris a bridal shower!


Mother of the bride: Laura.


Kris chatting with some Aunts.


Pam’s “Bistro Style” concept.


Good quality cake is an important family tradition.


Kris is well loved and it was therefore a very big shower.  Thus, the gift unwrapping was a major event!


Kris and Ella have grown very fond of each other.  Kris really wanted Ella at her shower and though she was a bit under the weather from her surgery, Ella was determined to be there.  She was a real sport and many of the adults commented on how well behaved of a little girl she is.  I am thrilled to have Kris as Ella’s aunt.  Though it is not yet official, she has really already deserved the title!


John came near the end and pitched in too.



Bella, the beloved “flower” dog even showed up!


And Ella was thrilled.


Miles came later to help load up the car and got a wonderful surprise!  Silly shoes to wear at the reception.



Next up, a group of girls took Kris out for a laid back girls night out.  Here is the group, minus me at Nirvana restaurant.


The beautiful bride-to-be with a good friend.


Then we all went back to Pam’s for ice cream, cupcakes and…


gift giving…


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  1. Wow, these Pre-Wedding Celebrations were outstanding. I am impressed to see that almost everyone was present over there. At a local Chicago event space we also would be hosting our engagement party soon. It will be a family event and we are sure that it’ll also be enjoyable!


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