Sunday, February 13, 2011


So I am reading a book that seems to be validating our already “unconventional” (old fashioned) parenting philosophy.  Not only am I feeling validated, I am also finding new ideas as well as other aspects of our type of parenting to consider.  I will post the book name once I am completely done reading it!  Though the title to this post gives a clue.

Last week, as often is the case, I said “no” to TV.  I turned on some Thelonius Monk and the kids spent there time on much more productive activities than zoning out.

I believe our parenting style has encouraged both kids to read often for pleasure and learning.  Ella is our big book worm, next to me.  Miles is quickly progressing in his reading ability too and I catch him reading to himself often in his room. 

On this quiet Friday afternoon after school Ella devours her school library book.


Though, I will say, both kids have their fair share of “non-imagination sparking” toys (which, by the way, they rarely play with), they also have quite a few that will help their minds’ grow.  I bought this set of simple blocks for Miles a few years ago and he still loves to take them out and play.  The whole time he makes up little stories to go along with what he is doing.


This was after we made some cookie dough together.


Next I catch Ella reading about dinosaurs…


Pretty soon she will be off to dance class. 

No TV that evening at all…

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  1. Those blocks look really cool! It's so easy to say "yes" to tv in the evenings. Good for you for encouraging your kiddos to find other things to do! Thanks for stopping by my blog! :)


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