Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Quilt for A Beloved Teacher

photo (1)(Mom’s Night at Children’s Corner Montessori – 2011)

I made a baby quilt for a second cousin’s baby a few years ago.  It was a lot of work and I found the quilting part especially challenging.  I didn’t think I’d be attempting another one for a while – if ever again.

This year I received a plea for sewing volunteers to help out with some school quilts at my daughter’s elementary school.  Each quilt represents one of the pillars of character and has squares drawn and colored by students.  I put my name in to volunteer.  I was called in to quilt and bind a finished top.  But the quilting wasn’t the kind I had done before (meandering) but rather it was stitch in the ditch (straight lines through seams).  It took a little practice, but I found it wasn’t nearly as hard as the first quilt I made.


This gave me an idea (I’m always coming up with crazy great ideas).  I would have the students at Miles’ Montessori Kindergarten come over and make some squares.  And I would put them together.  And I thought it would be quite meaningful to their sweet and wonderful teacher (who I personally LOVE for being such a wonderful teacher/human being to my children).  We have had our children at this school for the past 6 years.  This is our last year and I know I will miss the school and this teacher TERRIBLY!

So the invites went out.

Quilt Party-1-4

And all the children came.

Quilt Party-1-5

Along with some of the parents.

Quilt Party-1-7

They worked hard.

Quilt Party-1-6

They played hard.

Quilt Party-1-2

They left.
Then the easy part started…
I happily sewed row by row.
I quilted.
I bound.


When you make something for someone you love, the process is so full of joy!


I was thrilled.  But I had to figure out just how to present it to the teacher.

So… I volunteered to come in to talk about “sewing” and to give a “presentation”.
I found a great kids book about how meaningful a quilt can be and read it to the class.  I brought in some quilts my grandma made from scraps left over from clothes she made for herself, for me and for my dolly.  I brought in a quilt that my mom made me from my old T-shirts.  I explained how much each quilt meant.  I really think the kids got it.

Then I had the kids stand up and brought out this quilt for the teacher. 
She was sort of speechless. 
She cried.
I think she likes it.
We will never forget her, we will always love her!  I hope she will always stay a part of our lives.

photo (2)
(Mom’s Night at Children’s Corner Montessori – 2011)

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