Wednesday, April 27, 2011

This Week’s Photography Class Assignment

I am really becoming more aware of how to design photographs.  I don’t always get it right, but I think I’m more aware of what I did wrong when I look at my pictures after the fact.  And hopefully I will learn from those mistakes.  I am also becoming more comfortable with changing some of the settings on my camera to get the look I am trying to achieve and for the best picture possible.  Less frustration = happier photographer = better pictures.  I hope.

This week we have Architecture and People or Pets.  Here you go:

The following are of a shop in Long Grove, IL.  I’m sure this used to be a house.  This is of the back of the house, but it is the side seen by many walkers/shoppers as it is in the courtyard type area of the cluster of buildings which house shops in that area.  And for the record, I drove by the front of it later and personally, I like the back better.



A corbel near the back entrance.


Next up is my people study.  These are from a portrait session with my husband.  I know they are the same pose, just different distances, but one other that I like, he didn’t like and I don’t want to put it up in case it embarrasses him.  Though I don’t think it is in any way, embarrassing.



One other thing.  I didn’t show some photos from last week’s class!

These are of the Church of the Holy Communion in Lake Geneva, WI.



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