Thursday, July 26, 2012

Instragram–I’m a Little Behind


I am not a morning person.  Recently I did a sleep study at a nearby medical center.  They kick you our pretty early.  I got to see a sunrise in the parking lot…


Ella and Velvet-cat.  So sweet.  And of course she’s reading.  I think she does about 98% of her waking hours.20120702-IMG_0861

We had some of the kids friends over – 3 brothers – for watergun fights and trampoline jumps.20120702-IMG_0866

I have many crochet and one knitting project partway through.  I finally finished up one crochet project.

(In the background is Ella taking her first piano lesson.  She was amazing!)20120703-IMG_0881

Here’s another crochet project that I have been working on.  At this point (not at this point in the picture, but at this point in time as I type this post) it is almost complete.

And this happens to be in the car going to vacation Up North on the 4th of July.20120704-IMG_0884

Ok, this is not Instagram, but it was from my phone.  This week back home in Northern Illinois it was in the high 90’s.  Up North in Wisconsin, we found a bit of refuge from the heat.20120704-IMG_0887

Ah, true heaven.  Our home away from home.  And bonus, this campground had NICE showers and flushing toilet.  YES!

This campsite was in Algoma, Wisconsin.  As Jason pointed out, the name of this town sounds eerily like a type of cancer/tumor.20120704-IMG_0889

No camping trip is complete without an electronic keyboard.  Right?20120704-IMG_0904

Sweet pic of Jason and Ella where we had a picnic near the beach.20120705-IMG_0909

The beach.  No, it’s not Miami.  It’s ALGOMA and it’s not the ocean, it’s Lake Michigan!20120705-IMG_091020120706-IMG_091320120706-IMG_091520120706-IMG_0922

After two nights in Agoma, we were on our way farther North to Door county.  Lots of barn quilt squares along the way.  I love Wisconsin.20120706-IMG_0928

We settled at a new campsite in Ellyson Bay, WI.  This was an even better campground with even better showers, flushing toilets and well maintained everything.  Here are some random pics of our trip.  I CANNOT leave out this darling squirrel.  We have squirrels in our area, but the ones we saw here were so tiny in comparison.20120707-IMG_093120120707-IMG_093220120707-IMG_093420120707-IMG_0935

This is another town in Door County called Sister Bay.20120707-IMG_093820120707-IMG_094120120707-IMG_0942

The follow spot is one of the most peaceful places I’ve experienced in my life.  Really.20120708-IMG_094720120708-IMG_0950

Ella is doing the Grayslake Pageant again this year.  Here she is at the first practice.20120716-IMG_0980

At my family birthday lunch.20120717-IMG_0991

A haircut I got this Monday.

Before (I know not a great comparison since I had a ponytail)20120723-IMG_1017

After. Well, I love it!  I wish I could get it as straight and sleek as my stylist!20120723-IMG_1018

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  1. Hi, Kristi, oh we were so close! Glad you had a good time in NC too, my trip was a pretty fast one. We were in Waynesville for 2 nights. That cottage is something else. Thanks for stopping by!


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