Thursday, January 28, 2010

Iron Maintenance

The more you have, the more you have to clean, fix and maintain! I love something shiny, crisp and new. But almost as good, is something that looks as good as new.


Does your iron get dirty? I sew. A lot. And mine gets all kinds of funny stuff on it. I don’t know how dirty irons can get if you don’t sew. Or, I should say, I don’t remember. But the good news is, you CAN clean them! Yes, the bottom of them. I looked at Target once to see if they sell iron cleaner there, but they do not, at least not next to the irons. (Hmmm, I didn’t look in the cleaning aisle, though.) So if you want your iron to be as shiny as new, and not to leave all kinds of dirt on you fabrics, visit your sewing store and look in the notions department near all the fusible webbing products (one of the things that had gummed up my iron). Or go here or here and get yourself some of this amazing stuff! I used an old white T-shirt my husband was throwing away to apply the cream and clean the spots off. Worked great. Just be careful not to burn yourself since the iron has to be on high heat to do this, and don’t forget to use a Q-tip to clean the little steam holes and crevasses. It’s amazing how much gunk you can get out of there.

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  1. What great advice - our iron could use a cleaning. I love gleaming irons. Thanks!


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