Monday, January 25, 2010

Sound Body

I learned from my dad, who learned from a Greek philosopher “Sound body, sound mind”. With that, I try my best to fit exercise into my life. (I actually love it, it is truly hard to find the time with our schedules!) And I know my husband makes it a priority in his life. With that, I desire to introduce a healthy active lifestyle to our children.


It is harder in the winter in the Chicago suburbs to push them outside to run around. But I do sign them up for classes. Both are in swimming and Ella is in dance. Most recently I signed up Ella for her first gymnastics class. I was very proud of her during the class and I was thrilled when Miles said he wanted to take gymnastics too. He is so reluctant to try anything new, particularly anything active. So he will get his turn next session!



  1. Kristi, I applaud your efforts to simplify in blogging & make more time for your family. I'm just not sure how all these mommy bloggers are doing it without sacrificing their kids, just don't see how both can be done well. I know how much time I spend at it & I don't have any little ones at home. So, bravo for you for taking back the reins & doing what is best for your family! Hope I'll still see you around for a visit occasionally, but I understand how hard it is.

  2. I'm loving your new blogging home, though I'm curious why you decided to start fresh versus just change focus at your other blogging home!

    And I love that you're giving Ella and Miles so many opportunities to figure out what they like (and don't like!) doing. I think it's important to let kids explore that way and hopefully find a few things they will stick with for years to come!

  3. Kristi, I am guessing you needed a fresh start as to why you started from scratch again..just my take!
    When the boys were young they were active, also..not only for the exercise but the social element and to keep them busy, and I think that helped in keeping both of them out of most trouble when they got older..they were too busy!


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