Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Weekend to Remember

*I hope to someday (soon?) post about our Key West trip, but for now wanted to share some of this weekend*

This was a special weekend for me as a mom.  It was recital weekend for dance classes where I work (including Ella’s class), it was mom’s night at Miles and Ella’s Montessori, it was Mother’s Day.


At Mom’s night, Ella’s Kindergarten demonstrated the yoga moves they’ve learned.  Ella was the leader and did a wonderful job presenting!


Over to Miles’ preschool class, they did a little dance for us.


And though this may not look all that special to the average viewer, when I saw this photo later, I was so proud.  These little sweethearts have made me a Mommy.  Look how wonderful they are turning out so far (well you can’t really SEE that part here).


With their beloved teachers -

20100507-7 20100507-8

Here is Ella and her class rehearsing during picture day.



A couple of action shots during the recital.

20100508 20100508-2

Proud parents.


With her dance teacher -



On Mother’s Day we went to church and heard a sermon about a Proverbs 31 woman (wife/mother) and were treated to all of the children walking in with flowers for the moms.  We then headed to lunch and the Chicago Botanic Garden (my request for the day).

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