Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fourth Fun

The best, and probably the hardest, part of this long weekend was that I dialed the intensity way back on my school focus.  While I did read a couple of chapters from the book (many of that was done at the pool, tsk tsk I know), I did not even touch the next writing assignment or allow myself to freak out that there is another test in a week.  I figured I’d worked hard up to the midterm, and it was time for a little mental break.

I don’t have photos to nearly cover all that we did this weekend, but here are a few.  I’ll fill you in on some other events after these.

In our town, they do fireworks the Saturday before the actual 4th of July.  So if the 4th is on a Saturday, the fireworks are in June.  Kinda weird.  Luckily, this year they weren’t too bad to have on July 3rd.  We live close enough to the park where they have them that we could ride our bikes and put the kids in the Burley with our blankets.  We really need to get them riding bikes soon!


Sparklers are always fun before the firework show.  As are glow bracelets.  Not so much year old glow necklaces that don’t…glow.


On July 4th, we went to an outing at Jason’s parents’ friends in a town pretty far south of us.  Jason is also friends with his parents’ friends’ kids.  And some of them have kids. Here is one of his childhood friends’ daughters who seems to adore Ella.  She gave her quite a hug when she saw her.  She has the most beautiful curly hair and quite a spirit in her too.


We managed to get an ok family picture on the front steps of the hosts’ house.  Unfortunately Jason’s head is half blocked by Miles’.  Fortunately my goiter is blocked by Ella’s head.  Ha ha!


Miles and Ella were pretty chummy this weekend.  Why can’t they be like that more often?!  Very sweet.


After the party we were going to walk over to the park for the fireworks in this town (which actually have them on the 4th).  But due to a short spell of rain, we ended up walking back to Jason’s parents to sit with them and watch.  And the kids played with more sparklers too.


Friday night was wonderful.  After Jason arrived home with our new (used) pop-up camper, I went out for a gown look-see and dinner with my brother’s fianc√© and the other two bridesmaids (I am one of three bridesmaids).  Her best friend lives near me and on her way home from her jog, she stopped by to see if I wanted to go with her.  We had a fabulous time together on the drives, as well as the events, and I hope to hang out with her more soon!  She is taking way more school than I am now.  The actual event(s) were wonderful too.  Our little look-see turned into finding a dress for us that everyone seemed to like (most importantly the bride).  Then we headed out to dinner and continued to have a very pleasant evening.  That night the fam slept in the pop-up.  Not the best sleep when you are parked out in a driveway by the street on a Friday night.  But I think the kids loved it.  The bed was fairly comfortable too.

Saturday we all went to see Toy Story 3.  This is a real treat for us because we rarely go to the movies.  It was a really good one too, even for adults.

We did some swimming at our local pool a few times in there too and I made this pie for the party on Sunday.  If you want to make that pie too, make sure to read all the instructions ahead of time and set aside enough time for the whole process!  I was lucky it all came together right before it was time to leave for church.  Unfortunately we were still a little late because I hadn’t had time to do hair and makeup yet!  And I can’t really tell you if the pie was good because I am completely incapable of judging my own cooking.  But a few others said they liked it.

Today was lots of cleaning.  Cleaning up the camper and packing it with some supplies for future trips and then cleaning out the garage to fit the camper on one side.  Then I did other indoor house cleaning and laundry and also a bit of sewing for the Farmer’s Market on Wed.

Next up is: back to reality.  Time to start working on my last paper for my class before getting back into study-mode again.  oh boy.

Hope you had a nice weekend too!  What all did you do?

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  1. If that one taste I had of Sweets' pie was any indication of the rest of it, I'd say you did a great job! Too bad I didn't have more room for a whole piece to myself!

    Looks like the little reprieve you took from school was the perfect break. Hopefully, it won't be too hard getting back to the grind!


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