Monday, April 18, 2011

Which Would You Choose?

Well, it is about time for photography class again this week.  Last week was horribly cloudy, so I didn’t get out until Saturday to take pics for this week’s assignments.

One of the assignments was to take a bunch of pictures of a landscape using different angles, zooming in, zooming out etc. etc..

Lucky me, I happened to be going up to Lake Geneva, WI on Saturday.  If you are not from around here, Lake Geneva is a resort town that is located on Lake Geneva.  The houses, trees, scenery are beautiful.  Especially coming from flat Illinois.  So my favorite landscape photo is this:


Perhaps difficult to see, but it is a little too blurry.  My husband noted there was no subject to this picture.  So I went out to a forest preserve on Sunday looking for a subject to have in my landscape pictures.  I happened upon a bunch of white tailed deer.  And here is my best from that:


Not only is there a stinking tree branch in my frame (I should know better), but when I showed this to Jason, he said it was really now a wildlife photograph.

Frustrated, I emailed my teacher.  He asked me to call him the next morning.  He actually liked my first pic, and helped me to figure out how to better increase the chance of getting clearer shots.   He had a few comments like not to show the sky on a yucky day and that perhaps it would be better to have more water between the dock and the land.  As for the deer, he said he like the shot, but indeed, since the eye goes right to the deer, he too would consider it a wildlife photo over a landscape.  But he did like where I chose to place the horizontal line of the reeds (not in the middle).  I guess if the deer was farther back in the photo and not looking at me, it would be more of a landscape.

Then, this morning it snowed.  Just for reference, it was 80 degrees F last Sunday.  BUT… it made for some beautiful pictures.  At least I got this one.  This was as I was driving home from dropping off my son at school.  Then I got home and called my teacher.  At the end of the call he told me to go outside NOW and take some picture.  Stupid me, I did a few things around the house and then went out.  And everything was melty.  Should have listened to teacher.


But I did get some interesting pictures.  The are all in pairs and I can’t figure out which pair to choose to show on Tuesday.  Unless I get something better tomorrow.  I was wondering if any readers had an opinion?



















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