Monday, November 15, 2010

Cheap Art

As usual, I’ve been moving things around in the house.  Hey, what can I say, it’s free redecorating!  Since I moved my sewing machine up to the guest room, I hadn’t moved my “Red Thread” (by Modern Art Everyday) print from the basement up to the guest room until recently and realized I’d really like another print to go next to it.  That week I saw a photo of a sewing room on a blog where someone had framed some fabric which I recognized (otherwise I wouldn’t have known it was actually fabric).  I knew right away what I’d do.  I’d pull out one of my favorite scraps (meant for a bib, but oh well) and frame IT!  I knew it was in the right color family.  So why not enjoy it everday.  I bought the frame with matte included, at Walmart for a good price.  Viola, there you have it.


Here it is next to Red Thread.  Please forgive the sewing mess, I’m working on finishing up some slipcovers made from a drop cloth.  I’ll show you them when I’m done!


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