Thursday, November 4, 2010

Pumpkins and Treats

Caution, post is photo heavy.  Mainly for family.

Here Miles still has a 5 o’clock shadow.  He was pretty creeped out about putting his hands in the pumpkin guts.  So we didn’t torture him with that for too long.

halloween 2010 005

Ella’s pumpkin had the thickest shell ever.

halloween 2010 015

On Saturday we went to Downtown Grayslake business Trick or Treating.  An example of how our large town can feel like a small town.

halloween 2010 040

An example of Mile’s rapper pose.

halloween 2010 041

Getting ready to Trick or Treat on Sunday.

halloween 2010 048

With Uncle John and “Almost Aunt” Kris.

halloween 2010 054 halloween 2010 066halloween 2010 060 

We went to a LOT of houses.  Even THEY got tired.

halloween 2010 070

As for my health.  Not good.  Stomach flu Sunday night.  All night.  As in laid on the bathroom floor all night.  Now, still having respiratory problems.

It’s becoming the normal.  And I don’t like this normal.

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