Monday, November 8, 2010

Sweet Things

A few weeks ago I stopped by a garage sale in our neighborhood.  She had some pretty embroidered linens.  I could not resist this pillowcase for Ella’s room.  It has the perfect colors and such delicate handiwork.  How often can you find something like this anymore?


Today was an amazingly beautiful day.  66 degrees for the beginning of November.  Not too shabby! 

I felt the best I have in weeks, though not 100%.  I’m going to the doctor on Wednesday to see if she recommends any testing.  Some issues seem a bit troublesome and just being sick for so long is not preferable either.

On another note, as much as I was worried about taking an online class, I have been really enjoying my online Statistics class.  I thought I’d miss that classroom time.  But really, for math, I think I’m better without it.  I can read the text and practice problems on my own.  And honestly, taking a test at home alone in peace and quiet (when kids are at school) is much easier for me than sitting in a class with others under the buzzing fluorescent lights and (to me) a greater feeling of pressure.  That being said, I took my 3rd Exam today for this class and got another 100%!  It was the toughest exam yet and I was prepared to not have a perfect score, but boy was I shocked and pleasantly surprised.  1 big project, 1 smaller assignment, a bunch of intermediate homework and 1 more exam and I’ll be done.  Hmmm, still sounds like a lot to me!

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