Sunday, November 28, 2010

Serving Those Who Serve Us

I have wanted to serve those who otherwise wouldn’t have a Thanksgiving Day feast for quite a while.  I always imagined doing this at a soup kitchen in the city (Chicago), but last year we heard of a wonderful opportunity to do something similar very close to our home.  So we signed up to serve.  The turnout was huge - almost 200 Navy servicemen and a few homeless as well.  It was our privilege to serve these young (very young) men who have committed to serving and protecting us.  I tried my best to make sure everyone at my table had what they wanted.  It was a pleasure to wait on them.  They were very polite and respectful.

Thanksgiving 011 

Miles wished each man a Happy Thanksgiving and made a few friends.

  Thanksgiving 008

People behind the scenes have very important jobs too.

Thanksgiving 007 

I hope that my family will always have giving hearts.

Thanksgiving 004

(Miles has taken to giving this goofy smirk during pictures!)

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