Monday, May 17, 2010

Intermission (Mother’s Day Continued)

We interrupt this super excitingly long, multi post recap of our Key West vacation from a month ago to present some photos from our pocket camera that I just uploaded to our computer.  Forgive me for two posts in one day…

These photos from our Mother’s Day trip to the Chicago Botanic Garden mean a lot to me.  Thank-you kids and husband for taking me!


My favorite flower of the day (top view):


The only photo of the bunch where they weren’t making faces.


Taken by Ella (it was crooked but I sort of fixed that in Photoshop Lightroom).


Taken by Miles (notice finger in frame).


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  1. Been loving your photos of Key West (even though I haven't been commenting) and think these Mother's Day photos are precious. You're one lucky gal!


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