Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Key West (4th and final Part) and Actually NOT Key West, but the Everglades

On our way back to Ft. Lauderdale, we enjoyed another lovely drive back up the Keys (with occasional mild rain) in the convertible.  We stopped at an AMAZING seafood buffet called Whale Harbor in Islamorado.  A must go if you are ever in the Keys!

Once on the mainland we took a slight detour to take in as much of the Florida Everglades National Park as possible (which was about 1 and 1/2 trails).  We were able to stop for a decent amount of time at one area where we observed some pretty amazing wildlife.  And no, this is not a zoo, it is a national park.


We were a little surprised to see this “large cat” crossing sign.  We did not see any large cats however.


We did see beautiful birds, like this snowy egret.


Interesting birds like this “snake bird”.


Air plants.


One turtle.


And lots of alligators.


This guy looked so relaxed.


It’s alligator naptime!


I was so excited to see all of this wildlife in its natural environment and it was a nice cap to the end of our trip.  It is the last thing I hope I remember happening on that trip because after that we drove in torrential rain and dealt with all kinds of traffic detours.  The good news is that we did make it in time for our flight and made it home safely.  Until next time!

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