Friday, May 14, 2010

Key West (Part 2)

For our second full day we went SCUBA diving.  I recommended that we rent some bikes.  A good way to experience the island and easier/cheaper parking once in Old Key West (where everything happens).  Our hotel was located in “New Key West”.


The seas were quite high that day and so the boat ride out was not real pleasant.  I love being on a boat and rarely feel seasick.  But I was not feel all that great on this trip.  It was much more comfortable to be in the water.  Well, at least after I got used to it again.  Our first jump in and I freaked out a bit.  It had been 10 years since our last open water dive and I just needed a little time to get acclimated.  Much thanks goes to Tony, the British dive master who so kindly let me follow along with his class.

The diving was not the best.  The water was surprisingly warm, but due to the choppiness of the waves, the bottom was really stirred up and visibility was poor.  We did see a few dolphins off the bow before we jumped in the first time and while in the water a rock fish, a ray, Christmas tree worms etc…


Me with Tony, who saved the day.


During our bike rides we observed many beautiful homes.  You will see that I took lots of photos of houses the next day.  They may all deserve their vary own post.


For lunch we rode on over to El Siboney for some authentic Cuban food.  The highly was a delicious conch chowder.  Then we had some shredded pork, black beans and rice.  And of course lots of Cuban bread.  Yum!  We found out that you will not be able to find Key West Conch outside of the Keys.  They are only allowed to use enough to supply the island, not to export outside of the area. 

Back to Mallory Square for sunset that evening.  Some street performers at the Sunset Celebration…


The sunset over Sunset Key.


An interesting character spotted riding around downtown.


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