Thursday, August 26, 2010

First Day - Ella

Here are the obligatory first day of school photos.  Not only was it Ella’s first day, it was her first day at this school.  She is now attending 1st grade at our nearby public school.  Here she is ready to walk to school.


Found a friend from Daisy Scouts and acting class.


Wow, big girl with her own locker.


Beginning of school year flag raising ceremony.


To be honest, I’m not sure how Ella is feeling about school.  She is very quiet and melancholy when I pick her up.  Not herself at all.  I don’t think the kids are allowed to talk much at all.  This is very different from her past experience in a Montessori school where there was definitely time to be quiet, but also lots of time to socialize and self-select activities.  At least she had lunch and recess and she said she made a new friend today.  Hopefully she will start getting into a groove and feel more comfortable.

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  1. Ella looks adorable. And hopefully she'll find her place in her new school.


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