Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Though I haven’t written a post specifically about it, I think it was apparent that I took a class this summer.  More specifically, I took Intro. to Social Work at our local community college.  I wanted more evidence that this may be a field I’d like to pursue (or not).  That mission was accomplished (I loved it) and then some…


(Illinois State is where I earned a degree in a different decade.  Not where I have currently take classes.)

Being an older student with a family and other responsibilities is so much different than being a student who is young, alone and single and has few other responsibilities.  For me, at least, I do better when I have more to do, up to a point.  Though I forgot how intense summer school is, I was still able to strike a somewhat healthy balance between studies and other family responsibilities, though some extras like sewing and other crafting totally fell off my radar.

The big surprise to me was the difference in attitude.  Not that I had a bad attitude as a teen/young twenty something the first time around in college.  But this time, I was so much more interested in what I was learning.  I also saw the value of participating in class and probably spoke up 10 times more than I did when I was younger.  I felt no reservations asking the teacher for help or clarification on assignments, I easily took a leadership roll in many group projects and my previous years of professional writing experience were an asset for writing assignments.

I was an overachiever.  I got an A on every test and assignment.  Because I’m smart?  I don’t know if that’s the case.  But I do know that I applied myself and really, really wanted to do well.

Now I am filling out applications for part time graduate programs in the area.  Why not?  Will I actually do it?  I don’t know, but at least I can put that option in place.

This semester I’m taking a Statistics class.  It is a requirement for admission to most Social Work programs and I never took it before.  I love math.  But I hope it is not to much stress with the other activities I have going on this “semester.”

I’m excited.  Taking a class after being a stay at home mom for 6 1/2 years after working for 10 years and being in college for 6 years was an eye opener.  It is amazing how much I forgot how intellectual I am and then how quickly I was reminded of that when I took a class.  It was good for my soul and made me feel better about myself.

I know that being a mom is a very important role and it has its rewards.  But it is quite another thing when you actually have someone praising you for your good work and giving measurable feedback via grades and comments.  I think it makes me a better mom.

Is it ok if I want both?

Is it ok if I want to find something to do for others on a flexible schedule so that I can also be there for my family?

I don’t know how this will all turn out.  All I can do is take it one step at a time and enjoy it along the way.

And the field I desire to go into is another topic.  It is a bit surprising, but then again it isn’t.

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  1. i was a social work major in undergrad! :) i was also "required" to take stats....but managed somehow to get them to accept the two lowest math courses possible that i took in place of stats.

    i think the attitude shift comes also from having to pay for the class YOURSELF. even in my undergrad i knew that I WAS PAYING for classes and took them very seriously...there was definitely a difference between those who were paying their own way and those who still got an allowance from mom and dad. :)


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