Friday, August 13, 2010

Scenes from a Camping Trip

About a month ago, we purchased a used pop up camper.  Jason grew up camping in a pop up with his family and even traveled around the country with this mode of “motel”.  I did not.  It took me a while to warm up to the idea.

We planned a trip for this week from Sunday through Thursday to Point Beach State Park which is near Two Rivers, Wisconsin.  This was our second trip.  Our first being a short getaway at a nearby RV park. 

Here is our camper all set up.  We seem to have tackled most of the logistical issues with storage and organization.


This park is in a very woodsy area.


This is just a very pretty photo of Ella when she and Jason went out to get something.


The bonus is that we were right next to a beach on Lake Michigan.

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The water was gorgeously clear and pretty shallow for quite a long distance out from the shore.


It was not crowded at all, but also not too hard to find a friend to play with.

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Fun for all ages!


Cooking is always an experience.  Here the kids make banana boats.  (not the ice cream variety)


Lots of time to play together.  I am soaking up the time that I can still pick up my children to play with them.


The kids seemed to sleep really well.  Us, well some nights were better than others.


Though I can be a little neurotic when it comes to dirt, public showers and other issues while camping, I think we had a pretty nice time.  It was good for us.



In other news…  I go in for a pre-op appointment with my surgeon today and to get a blood test.  I will be having a partial thyroidectomy on Monday morning and staying overnight at the hospital until Tuesday.


  1. Great pictures! We'll be staying at the lighthouse right behind you in the last picture this September! My father-in-law is retired military and is able to rent it. :)

    Hope all goes well with the medical issues - as I read the symptoms you listed I had a feeling it had to be something with your thyroid...I was diagnosed with Grave's Disease in 2000 and had to get my thyroid basically destroyed through radioactive iodine. In my case, they caught my issues before any lumps formed.

  2. Kristi,
    We are planning to go camping at Point Beach soon. It's been so long since I've been there that I can't remember which campsites were the best.

    Any recommendations? (We'll be tent camping.)


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