Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Big 5!

Here is our Miles, hamming it up for the camera before his Birthday parties at Jones Island park began…


Ella waits in anticipation.  After all, it was a gorgeous June day at a park, with a playground, and lots of room for running next to a lake with a beach.  And there would be food and cake, friends and family.


First the Friends Party

I thought it best to get all of the eating of lunch and cake out of the way before taking the kids over in the muddy grass to hit a piñata and then over to the sandy beach to make sand castles.  So here is Miles with his Cars cake…  (as often is the case at outdoor parties, lighting the candles was a challenge)


Miles going after the piñata with mucho gusto.


All of Miles’ guests (and one guest’s older brother) took the sandcastle building contest very seriously.  Though we don’t seem to have photos of the final entries, they were all very good and all were winners.


Miles was very happy to unwrap presents!


At one point Miles’ hair was so sweaty.  I pushed it up into some spikes and really liked the look.  He received compliments from many others as well.  If I were to do that at home, he’d look in the mirror and smash his hair down to his regular style.  He doesn’t really look to crazy about it here either.


Next up was the family party.  I, personally, was ready for a nap at this point.  At least a little less entertaining needed as the adults seem to be able to take responsibility for their own entertainment.

Here’s Miles and Uncle John playing TracBall.  He was quite good at it.  Uncle John wasn’t too bad either.


Uncle Scott trying to pour water on poor Miles.


I love this photo.  Miles is running away from Scott who continues to try to pour water on him.  Love the geese in the background scared out of their feathers and running away from the wild boy. (even though he wasn’t even chasing them, and had he notice them, he probably would have started crying and not knowing where to run.


Had to get a shot in of the new playground they put in this month at the park.  Cool playgrounds are a very important thing when you have kids.  (I think Miles is still trying to get away from Scott at this point).


The party is over.  I think we were all quite tired.  It was a long day outside, working and trying to entertain.


At the end of the day, I have one wonderful little boy (and another wonderful girl).  And today we have a lot of new toys that BOTH kids are playing with/fighting over!

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