Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Today I have a midterm for a class I’m taking this summer.  I wanted to do a separate post on my decision to take a class, but I guess it will have to come later.

I’m also supposed to get my test results back from the biopsy I had on Monday. 

Both of these things today have the butterflies going in my stomach.

Though I feel well prepared for the midterm and have had enough doctors tell me that malignancy of thyroid  nodules is rare, I am still  nervous.


And that stinkin fine need biopsy, while a minor procedure, was not as easy as I had imagined.  You see that teeny tiny slit on my neck?  It doesn’t fool me.  Due to the positioning of my neck during the procedure (hyper extended) and the intrusion of a tiny corkscrew into my body to literally pluck out tissue, I am stiff and sore.  While watching the whole thing under ultrasound was kinda cool, it was also hard.  I’m not sure if it was good or not to be able to anticipate the pain when the doctor proceeded with different steps for tissue removal.  I AM grateful that only three aspirations had to be done for samples.  I don’t know if it is related, but I’ve also had lots of cramping in my sides and back.  No fun.  And if this is benign, I’m supposed to have this procedure done every 6 months.  I suppose I should be grateful if that is the case.  But for the moment, I am a big whiny baby!

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