Saturday, June 12, 2010

Teacher’s Gifts 2010

For end of year gifts for Ella and Miles’ teachers I decided to make purses.  The larger one is for Ella’s teacher who seems to like oriental designs.  The smaller is for Miles teacher who has more of a funky style and likes browns  (hopefully she will like the rust color here too).


I used McCall’s Kay Witt Designs pattern M5822 for these bags.

Though I have some experience with zippers, this was a new (to me) design for a zipper on a bag.  I like how it turned out once I got it down for the second purse I did (see below).  The main difference is on the underside, so it’s not real noticeable that it is not perfect on the first one.


Maybe not my style of fabrics, but it was fun to make something that hopefully other people will enjoy.  It was also fun to use so many different fabrics on one project.  The shape of the bag is really cute (in my opinion) too.


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