Monday, June 21, 2010

Customer Requests are the Best!

Sometimes I get caught up a little in the monotony when I am creating too many products at one time.  I will often work with several different fabrics, but stick with the same general construction for each item.  Not a ton of creativity is involved past the initial creation of a new pattern.  And frankly, the process can become boring.

midjune 004 copy

One of the reasons I really love getting custom requests and orders is that I can focus on that one piece or series of pieces and take time to put a lot more creativity into it/them.  I can imagine what the customer might like to see and bring it to life.  And so it goes with a recent request from a Farmer’s Market customer two weeks ago.  This woman bought a couple of items and said that if I had anything with strawberries, she’d buy it for her mom who loves strawberries.

Will I ever even see this woman again?  Maybe, maybe not.  But I am ever so glad for her suggestion.  It was a great excuse to buy this beautiful strawberry fabric designed by Sandi Henderson and to play up the red (my favorite color) with this sweet polka dot fabric and red thread.  I love the ruffle and the decorative stitching on the bottom.  I have yet to finish this one’s mate and start to put together a couple of potholders to match.

midjune 003 copy 

Then fate will see if the requester comes to the Market on Wednesday!  Can’t wait to find out!

Note: I bought this little shelf at a garage sale.  I just wanted a little something on which to store my pin cushion and pot of flower pens near my sewing machine.  When I found this one with the rod, I thought it would be perfect for displaying and admiring towels I make from time to time.  The shelf was an unstained wood when I got it.  I just cleaned it off and then spray painted it with some antique white.

Update: Tomorrow is my visit with the surgeon for my thyroid nodule.  I’m hoping he will go right in and do the biopsy that day and it is not just a pre-consultation.  In general I have been in better spirits recently, just really tired.  Thanks for your thoughts, prayers and support.

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