Monday, June 14, 2010

Congratulations Graduate

The end of the kids school year caught me off guard.  I was much more emotional than I had anticipated.  And just a month ago I thought the whole Kindergarten graduation (for Ella) was a little silly.  Even more silly, I felt, was that we had to buy a cap a gown.  But as it grew near, I embraced the concept and just went with it.  Only to find out I was really glad it all happened.

Here she is, our lovely daughter ready to go for her last day of Kindergarten and her last day of four years at this Montessori school.


Here she is with her friend Caleb who she has known since they were both one!  Caleb’s mom (my good friend) picked up Ella on Tuesdays and Thursdays.


As I mentioned, I embraced the concept of the graduation and invited everyone to attend.  I also threw a small party with appetizers before the ceremony.


A nice picture of the family outside of the school.


Here is the official moment!  Not shown are the awards she won.  One for Star Skater (she’s been bragging about her roller skating and blading I take it), a second for best reader in her class and a third she shared with two other students for “change the world” because she is a very driven and determined little girl!  She says she wants to be a scientist when she grows up.


A sweet one with her beloved teacher.


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  1. What a special time for Ella. I think this kind of ceremony can be really important for kids her age - it shows they're growing up and about to advance to a new, more mature stage of life. Though, as you suggested, I'm sure it's hard for parents to watch their precious little ones grow up!


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