Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Long Weekend

On Saturday we met up with our friends Dan and Jen who we haven’t seen since we all went on vacation together last August!  Needless to say, it was also the first time we met their 4 month old daughter.


It was nice to get together and catch up.  Their oldest had been kinda shy the last time we saw her, but very sweet and starting to warm up to us near the end of the week.  Now she is much more social and still as sweet as ever.  She seemed to love playing with Ella and Miles.

20100529-3 20100529-4

Ella enjoyed both girls.


We started out at an Arts festival at the Cuneo estate in Vernon Hill, IL.  It was a beautiful setting and a very nice, be it a tad hot day.

I found two vendors I loved and purchased from.  I could not get over the cute clothes from Hand Jive Wear Art.  Here is the dress I fell in love with.  It is so comfortable, cool and forgiving flattering.


We all then went back to our house for a lunch of coconut lime chicken soup and salad outside on our back deck.

We dressed our kids to match that day, but it turns out all four kinda matched…


Later that day Ella practiced her rollerblade skills…


Sunday after work was filled with fun.  A trip to a huge playground, then the pool, then a very nice walk.  At the pool Miles took his maiden voyage down the water slide.  This is the first year has been tall enough to be allowed to do so.

Monday we had my parents, brother and his fiance over to watch Ella and Jason in the parade with Adventure Princesses.  We walked up to the parade route from our house and then we all went back home halfway in the room for a lunch of kabobs and sides.  Halfway home we got stuck in the rain and ended up providing towels and extra shirts for our guests.  My brother’s fiance was kind enough to bring dessert, and luckily it was light and refreshing after the heavy lunch we prepared.



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  1. Looks like a great weekend, Kristi! We spent Saturday in Lombard and observed the DRASTIC difference in temperatures between the city and the burbs. It was much more pleasant in the city - thank you, lake breeze!


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